• Mild Steel: ≤16mm THK
  • Stainless Steel: ≤12mm THK
  • Aluminium: ≤10mm THK
  • Sheet Size: 4ft x 8ft, 5ft x 10ft


laser cutting services


Worldwide, the name Bystronic stands for innovation, state of the art solutions, complete service and support, quality manufacturing and competence. Our firm is dedicated to technological progress; we offer our customers continually optimized and newly conceived solutions to meet daily challenges and to keep at the top of the market.

So simply, so convincing, the new Byspeed laser cutting system revolutionizes the filed of thin metal cutting threefold. Byspeed optimizes precision, is unusually dynamic, and lowers cutting time dramatically.

laser cutting services
  • Unbeatable speed in thin sheet metal with DHM (Direct Helical Motor) drives
  • Extremely dynamic with axis acceleration of up to max 30 m/s2 for high cutting and positioning speeds.
  • Full flying optics with central beam construction and dust proof DHM drives with automatic lubrication
  • Optimal access on the long side of the cutting area of 3000 mm x 1500 mm. Unloading of the cut parts from the shuttle table
  • New cutting head with lens inserts and self-centering nozzle
  • Adaptive optic for a consistent focal position in the whole cutting area and automatic focal adjustment upon material change
  • Machine weight like a conventional laser cutting system, complicated foundation and mounting to the floor are not necessary
  • Closed cutting area with multi-chamber vacuuming and self cleaning dust collector
  • Slag and small parts removal with movable cart

The Optimised Laser

  • 4000 W Bystronic resonator with oil free turbine for low maintenance costs and increased cutting speed
  • DC-Technology with low operating cost and high reliability proven in tough industrial environments
  • Excellent long-term stability – the temperature stabilized and kinetically suspended resonator guarantees and outstanding beam quality
  • Synchronized feed and power control with high-speed data exchange for precise and clean cutting
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Highly Precise Control

  • The complete control is integrated into a single, air conditioned control cabinet. Floppy, CD and ZIP drives are accessible outside the control cabinet
  • Ergonomical and operator friendly “Man Machine Communication” MMC swivel terminal with a 15″ color touch screen and Windows NT 4
  • PC keyboard including mouse designed for tough industrial environments. It allows for simple and comfortable programming on the machine including multi-tasking while the machine is cutting
  • a library with cutting parameters and process macros for an extensive variety of materials is installed on the hard drive. The cutting parameters are automatically or manually assigned to the cutting plan
  • Automatic sheet edge detection
  • Various restart possibilities if cutting operation is interrupted
  • Piercing on the fly in addition to various piercing possibilities adapted to the individual material guarantee a fast and consistent cutting start

Close Coordination Between Machine Technology And Bysoft Is Perfect Fit

  • Machine technology and Bystronic programming software are closely coordinated and synchronized to each other
  • Single part programming with geometry processing and technology definition or import of CAD / CAM data


  • Max. sheet size 2440 x 1220 mm
  • Max material thickness (stainless steel 6ft or Mild steel 12ft)
  • Max pipe cutting profile up to diameter 5 inch x 12ft